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by Jen

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since my last post . To be honest, I prefer writing on an article when I find my inspiration and have a big enough gap in my schedule. I get inspired by so many encounters along my journeys e.g. while travelling, interacting with people, reading other blogs, music, movies, and long walks in nature as it relaxes me and clears my mind.

Now, being back home, I found a quiet time to sit down, place my fingers on the keyboard and write about my insights from the fashion week.

Fashion month has just wrapped up and the unforgettable impressions we gained were once more absolute enrichment. Despite being quite busy while in Milan and Paris, and even before as the preparation for our trips also had taken up a lot of time, we arrived to Vienna with a new perspective towards the fashion industry. We met incredible and inspiring people from all over the world that, among others, happened to be Naomie Campbell and Rihanna, definitely the highlght of our entire fashion week.

Sometimes the fashion week feels like a world beyond reality, because there are certain moments were you catch yourself believing that there is nothing else happening outside of it. 🙂 For the professionals, it’s probably THE most important event on the fashion industry calendar. Because at the end of the day it’s all about business. Designers and their teams have worked hard for months in order to present their newest collection for the upcoming season and this is the biggest chance to get the attention of buyers and editors. If editors cover a good story about their collection and the trends they set, buyers will follow their lead and make an effort to prepare their boutiques for the oncoming demand.

During this time it can be pretty hectic, but fun too, and there is so much happening unexpectedly. Fashion shows never start on time, which definitely has its advantages as you will mostly be stuck in traffic inbetween shows and presentations. And you definitely need to prioritize which show you will be going to as it’s impossible to go to all of them. Many people believe that fashion week is just happening at one location, well maybe in Vienna, however in Milan and Paris it is spread all over the city.

With all those impressions being shared, I am thrilled to also share with you a couple of photos that we took this summer  while we were on a boat along the Amalfi Coast. I can still remember the crystal clear, deep blue sea and mountains that surrounded Cetara, this beautiful, colorful fishing village that you can see in the background.  I think that there is no better way to see the Amalfi Coast than by sea as it’s an unique experience and especially in summer you avoid the crowds that are driving along the tiny cliffside roads. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Photos: Olga Linina











Bikini – Calzedonia
Swimsuit – Sand & Blue
Earrings –  New One

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Italien Erleben

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    October 18, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    Amazing pictures! You both look so gorgeous!

    Love from Vienna
    Borislava from ColourClub.at

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