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Luštica Bay – Montenegro

Hello lovelies, As some of you may know from our Instagram Stories, we were able to visit the Lustica Bay area in Montenegro, which is a new luxury area with villas, apartments, a harbour, cafes and bars. The official opening of the area will be in July of this year, which is why it is an amazing get-away for the late summer or fall. With the entire area, including all buildings, houses, pools and the beach area being completely new,…

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by Jen Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last post . To be honest, I prefer writing on an article when I find my inspiration and have a big enough gap in my schedule. I get inspired by so many encounters along my journeys e.g. while travelling, interacting with people, reading other blogs, music, movies, and long walks in nature as it relaxes me and clears my mind. Now, being back home, I found a quiet time to sit down,…

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