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The Monster Photoshoot

by Jen

Earlier this year, I had the chance to stay  in a beautiful Toscanian town, Florence, for  three months (from January until April), due to my postgraduate studies in Luxury Brand Management. During that time, a participation in a very cool “Monster Project” was offered to me. It was an offer I could not possibly decline! Few lovely girls enrolled in the Fashion Stylist Master program at Polimoda were also taking part.

When the girls explained their creative ideas to me, I instantly started looking forward to the project, because I knew it would turn out to be fun.  In addition, at that time I was very keen to try something new out!

The task assigned to us was to create a monster each, which was supposed to be related to the country and indentity they were coming from. There were 4 different kinds of monsters in total; from the United States, Mexico, China and Italy.

To our delight, the studio of an renowned Italian fashion photographer Ruggero Mengoni was given to our disposal. We were shooting there for two full days in a very pleasant atmosphere. It was very inspiring to work with both Ruggero and the girls. A lot of energy and effort was invested in this project and it was impossible not be affected by it, with the most positive sense.
Hair and Makeup – CLASS Salon Education Style


Have a look how the results turned out:

Snowy Zhang (China)

Snowy wanted to create a sexy woman with a cold heart who turned into a monster after she had killed the most beautiful woman, who she stripped the skin off and dressed herself in it. The monster kills every man she encounters, brings them to her house, kills them, drinks their blood and eats their bones. At dawn the ritual starts all over again.

Inspiration taken from Chinese movie – Painted Skin (2008)

Robotic/Futuristic Woman by Rachel Hamler (United States)

According to Rachel, the US is about progress and moving forward. For that reason, she created a monster that signifies  a move towards the future. The robotic woman stands for unity between people and technology.


La Catrina by Ximena Gonzalez (Mexico)

La Catrina represents Mexican death in a funny and characteristic way and has become an icon of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  It’s a tradition to set up a colorful altar full of everything for this particular day, as you can see from the photos. This Catrina was mainly inspired by Mexican famous artist Diego Rivera (also famous for being the life partner of Frida Kahlo).



Capture d’écran 2013-11-18 à 00.03.17-1

Capture d’écran 2013-11-18 à 00.07.16

Capture d’écran 2013-11-18 à 00.05.25

Capture d’écran 2013-11-18 à 00.05.09


Claudia Navarra (Italy/Belgium)

Praying Mantis

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    STUNNING photos 😉

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    Well done, Jen, very well done. Great costumes and even better pictures!

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