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Hi my loves!

I hadn’t been writing here for quite a while. And I have to admit, that I’ve really missed it. There have been many changes happening during the last couple of months. Especially with us moving to Milan and the fashion weeks that have always been quite intense.

We literally didn’t stop, ever. It was an emotional roller coaster. For as long as I can remember, since we had started the blog, we have been working 24/7 which sometimes makes me really miss living simple and real moments that aren’t at all related to the blog. I have to admit, I always have our blog on my mind. I guess, sooner or later, we will have to expand our team as we really need some support. Looking back to the point where it all began and comparing it to now, I realize that all the sacrifice was worth it, because we experience so many beautiful moments such as our trip last summer which I am sharing with you today.


Travelling has always fascinated me and I guess it will probably remain an integral part of my life. As a free spirit, I simply cannot stay in one place for too long a time as I always feel the urge to explore and discover something new. It’s fascinating how much travelling can teach you. As most of you might know, Jen and I have lived in Italy for a while before. Since those days, my love for this country has only kept growing.

Last year, Jen and I have had the wish to visit a very special place in Italy which we haven’t been to before. It is mostly known for its beautiful coastal scenery. It was on our travel-bucket list for quite a long time. And there is nothing better than having long dreamt about a place you eagerly want to visit and suddenly you find yourself there! To be more exact, I am talking about CAPRI! The island started attracting more of my attention through the famous campaign for the Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrance shot by Mario Testino. Simply marvellous!

Getting to Capri

We flew in on a Monday, from Vienna to Naples with Austrian Airlines (My Austrian Holidays) which flies several times a week. From Naples harbor we took the passenger ferry which brought us directly into the port of the picturesque Marina Grande. As we were approaching this mesmerizing island I felt my breath shortening. The first impressions we had were of multiple colorful houses overlooking the harbour. They provide shelter to dozens of small fishing boats. The mountain rising in the background created such a stunning contrast that we couldn’t wait to see more. We felt it could be more than we could take in just a few days; we were going to have to stay a long time!

Where to stay in Capri

When we finally arrived, we received the most warming welcome at the Villa Marina Capri; it was a little Spa hand treatment following drinks as a refreshment. I was quite amazed about our modernly furnished room, especially the wonderful bedroom. Just to mention, a good sleep is everything to me. Indeed, I haven’t slept so good in ages! And I especially enjoyed the never-ending bathtube, which reminded me of a Turkish bath. For the rest of our week, we stayed in the magical Capri Palace in Anacapri, which is on the other side of the island. The history of the hotel had been recorded in its vaulted ceilings and beautiful pillars, which now present massive sofas and artefacts.

Capri Fashion

Of course, we couldn’t pass on taking some pictures neither there, nor in one of the magical penthouse suites with a private swimming pool set in a Mediterranean roof garden. This was something we found rather peculiar at the beginning, but we quickly realized that everything on the island seems smaller than it usually is. As if we have entered a charming, minituarized world, hidden from reality and we felt as if we were walking though a dream. Especially, since we have had the opportunity to wear some pieces of their own brand Capri Touch.


We have also managed to do some touristy-things and have discovered some hot spots on the island. Following are places you definitely need to visit when in Capri:

One of the first images that come to our minds will be that of the Faraglioni. They are the three spurs of rock which rise up out of the sea.

If you like the idea of spending a day on a beach with a view of the Faraglioni (like we did!), you will adore the little bay of Marina PiccolaBelvedere di tragara It famous for its view to Marina Piccola and Faraglioni.

Monte Solaro is Capri´s most beautiful panorama view.

Villa San Michele used to be the island home of Axel Munthe. Today is a museum containing the Swedish physician’s collection of ancient artefacts.

The Lighthouse of Punta Carena dominates the Southwestern coast of the island of Capri.

Via Camerelle: the main shopping street for luxury goods.

I would also recommend to discover the traditional shopping spots. They usually sell chic, hand-crafted sandals and baskets or vintage-inspired embroidered pillows.

If you wish to spend a whole day at a beach club, Il Riccio is probably the right place. You can rent out big sun beds on different terraces. You can also refresh at the restaurant with good food and drinks.

Via Krupp: Probably the most famous street in Capri.

Piazzetta:  It’s a tiny square in the heart of Capri which you can hardly avoid.

Grotta Azzurra:  The Blue Grotto is known for its majestic size and its deep blue water reflecting the sun to create an amazing silvery light.

I highly recommend to rent a boat and go around the island as we did, as you will see Capri from a dreamy-like perspective.

Speaking of Capri, I am really thrilled to share with you the bunch of pictures we shot during our incredible stay.  If you haven’t visited the island yet, it’s seriously time to think about it!

Lots of love,



Special thanks to: Manuela Barzan – Comtur Napoli – Camera di Commercio Napoli



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