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When in Milan

by Jen

Recently I devoted an article to Dior’s latest collection presented beginning of October during Paris Fashion Week, not knowing that Raf Simons would resign from his position as Creative Director the following day. The funny thing is that I wrote: “With Raf you can just expect the unexpected.“ Leaving Dior was indeed THE unexpected thing.

In his statement letter he mentioned that he wanted to focus on other interests he has in his life, including his own brand and other passions outside of work. Sounds quite reasonable to me. Also, Alexander Wang left Balenciaga this summer to focus on building his eponymous brand. Furthermore, Alber Elbaz departed from Lanvin couple of days ago.

Their reasons might differ, but one thing is for sure. The fashion industry has a fast-paced nature. It demands significant outcome within a short period of time. Some might handle it, others may not. A lot also depends on the company size. Raf had been creating six collections a year, two involving Haute Couture. Gaining such an incredible experience at one of the most prestigious couture houses is surely irreplacable and exciting. However, the question is, should the fashion system change? Lately, the mindset of the younger generation has shifted towards more attention to personal time, creation and satisfaction. Sometimes you just need to step away and take a deep breath in order to take a situation in from a different angle.

It made me think about the things I have lived through and learned from over the past years and the constant aspirations I am striving for in life. I have always embraced a number of interests at the same time, sometimes too many, so that, on occasion, 24 hours a day were simply not enough for me. That’s probably the reason why I started blogging, since it allows me to do many things at the same time.  The fact that time is very precious and passes by way too quickly cannot be ignored. That’s why we have to use it wisely. It might sound like a cliché, but it really is like that! Therefore I love to be reminded of the quote: „Carpe Diem, Seize the day. Make your life extraordinary“, from the movie Dead Poets’ Society.

On that note, a small reminder of the great time we have had while shooting these photo series during the Milan Fashion Week, shortly before we headed to Paris. We wore total looks by Moschino, characterized by the houndstooth pattern in red and combined it with closed-toe slip-ons. All available at ClanUpstairs in Milan! Enjoy!

Photos: Rebekka Fagnani

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