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by Jen Milan, Milan, how many times have we visited you this year? It feels almost like being at home away from home. Instead of flying, we decided to go on a roadtrip this time, driving almost for nine hours from Vienna to Milan and back! The city felt different, less people, but very relaxing as there was no usual traffic.…

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Jardin du Palais Royal

Sandra Mansour Louis Vuitton Paris Des Jen

by Jen Hi everyone, I hope you have all been enjoying the summertime so far and have had the opportunity to take a break from work and relax a bit. I know, sometimes this can be quite challenging, particularly when you run your own business and are tethered to your smartphone because you have to reply e-mails or answer phone calls… alias “the need to always be available“. Unplugging from technology can be very soothing so keep that in mind!…

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