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Jardin du Palais Royal

Sandra Mansour Louis Vuitton Paris Des Jen

by Jen

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all been enjoying the summertime so far and have had the opportunity to take a break from work and relax a bit. I know, sometimes this can be quite challenging, particularly when you run your own business and are tethered to your smartphone because you have to reply e-mails or answer phone calls… alias “the need to always be available“. Unplugging from technology can be very soothing so keep that in mind!

As you might have noticed we have just spent a week on Capri and the Amalfi coast. I have been yearning to visit Capri for a very long time and finally I can say that I was there (a long awaited dream came true!). Summertime to me means going to a destination somewhere on the seaside, preferably a place I haven’t visited before – and there are still too many spots I yet to see!!

I simply love Italy, there are many countless reasons for it, but most of all because this country is beautiful and diverse both geographically and with its population. Italians are generally open, warm and welcoming people (especially people from the South!).  I could definitely feel this warm-heartedness over the last few days; it is sooo easy to start a conversation with Italians, which mostly last for hours haha. Of course, not everything can be seen through pink-coloured glasses…Italy can be quite chaotic and unorganised too and there is no need to hurry… 🙂

With all of this short impressions being shared, I am happy to share with you also a series of photos that we shot in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris a few weeks ago. The following looks by Sandra Mansour are all about embracing sophistication and feminity, yet remaining contemporary and modern. I simply love these unique outfits, as there is so much attention to details involved into creating them. Sandra Mansour is a Lebanese designer from Beirut (used to work with Elie Saab!) who caught our attention with her designs during last PFW in March. To go along with it, we chose the iconic Capucine bags (mini size) in contrasting colors by Louis Vuitton and sandals by Aperlai.

Photos: Tatiana Smirnova

Jardin du Palais Royal

Dress/skirt/top – Sandra Mansour

Capucine Bags – Louis Vuitton

Sandals – Aperlai

Make -Up – Nars

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