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TrueYou x Toyota C-HR

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by Jen

„You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“ – I simply love these empowering words, which were written by John Lennon in his song “Imagine”. John Lennon had a dream; a dream of a world at peace, where there was no war, borders and hunger. He was an anti-war activist, stood up for what he believed in and inspired many people all around the world to join him.

Have you ever asked yourself what life itself would be without dreams? To me it would be meaningless, because living a dream means doing something with belief, conviction, love and dedication. So why are there people out there who don’t follow their dreams and simply do not pursue what they were meant to be? I believe that the main reason might be fear. Some people are scared of breaking out of their comfort zones and experiencing new things. Routine offers false security. That’s why they come up with all sorts of excuses only to justify why they can’t follow their dreams, not realizing that success  also always entails “failure” (I’d rather call it great learning experience).

Living your dream means being motivated, bold and staying true to yourself. This is what I always remind myself of. Always ask yourself, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? If you don’t try you will never know. And this is the exact message that TrueYou, an Austria fashion brand, which was founded by four young creative heads, embodies and Des and I can completely identify with. We recently collaborated with TrueYou and Toyota Austria for the Toyota C-HR (love its urban and sporty style) campaign and are truly honored to be part of this success story.
Hope you guys like the photos and please watch the video to get inspired! 🙂
Lots of love,

More Infos: www.chrty.at

Photos: Samir Novotny


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