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Behind the name – REDValentino

by Jon, Contributing Editor

Introducing “Behind the name”                                                                           

Behind the name” is a new series of Des & Jen’s success stories. These stories talk about the favorite brands & designers that we collaborated with. Every three weeks we will share their biographies with you, and what they mean to us in the world of fashion:from established fashion labels to upcoming designers with ambitious dreams, talent and vision.

In our first “ Behind the name” story we talk about Valentino’s sister line REDValentino).

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Living like a Parisian – 1er Etage Sopi

by Jen

Last time when we were in Paris during the fashion week, we stayed at a very charming and cosy place called “1er Etage SoPi“.
1er Etage SoPi is a mix between a small boutique hotel and a deluxe guesthouse.  Inspired by the 50’s it offers a home away from home feeling, with a high level of comfort. While staying there it felt more like I was living in a Parisian apartment located in a beautifully decorated building. It made our stay very, very pleasant!
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TrueYou x Toyota C-HR

by Jen

„You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“ – I simply love these empowering words, which were written by John Lennon in his song “Imagine”. John Lennon had a dream; a dream of a world at peace, where there was no war, borders and hunger. He was an anti-war activist, stood up for what he believed in and inspired many people all around the world to join him.

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