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30th birthday!

Hello loves,

Shortly before kicking of the new year, we are sharing with you a more personal blog post. It is all about our 30th birthday. We celebrated this special day at Kulinarium 7, our family-owned restaurant in Vienna which specializes in Dalmatian cuisine (Crotian food).  It was definitely a night to remember. We had our closest family and friends with us. Some of them made it even to come from abroad. It was wonderful to have them all with us. 

Our day started with lots of preparations, as you can imagine. Of course, we wanted to look perfect for our “ big day” and got our make-up done by Julian who works at the Mac Cosmetics Counter at the newly re-opened Douglas store at Mariahilfer Straße in Vienna. You guys need to check it out. It is heaven for all beauty lovers. As some of you know, we have been working with Mac Cosmetics for many years and they have always been super supportive.

Birthday cake

When it comes to our birthday cake, the Original Sacher-Torte has always been our absolute favorite one and has always been part of our birthday celebrations (among others). Needless to say, that the Sacher hotel surprised us with a tailor-made birthday cake. It was probably the biggest Sacher cake we have ever seen. Made for 60 people.  It was incredibly beautiful with embellishments of red roses and of course super delicious.

Leaving our 20´s behind

We have no qualms about leaving our 20’s behind. We definitely enjoyed them. We do feel like we grew up in so many ways. Positive as well as negative experiences shaped us. But for both we are grateful, because they made us realize a lot of important things. Let us remember that from the bad moments there is always good as long as we continue to move forward and never backwards. 🙂 Our 20s were much like everyone else. There were about growth and self-discovery.

What really matters is to live in the present moment, being true to ourselves, doing things that we really love and most of all being grateful for the truly important things in life (being healthy, having a home as well as having qualitative and genuine relationships with loving people that share the same values and morals as we do). The list could go on and on.

THANK YOU again to Sacher Hotels for the wonderful “Original Sacher-Torte” and Mac Cosmetics. This was an incredible and completely unfogettable birthday party! We cannot wait for more exciting years to come and more laughter, joy and beautiful moments with our beloved ones.

Also, we would like to thank every single one of you who has been supporting us until today, who takes time to follow us, read our blog and writes us messages/send us comments. You are the reason why we continue to do this what we love.

Lots of love,

Des & Jen

Photos: @patdomingo & @romarferry

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