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A year full of growing experiences X EOS

An eventful year is coming to its end and a new exciting year is ahead of us. If I had to describe 2016 in one single sentence, the sentence would include “a year full of growing experiences“.
Our collective experiences from this year were probably the most valuable ones we have had in blogging so far.

How did our journey begin?
Back in 2012, during my studies in Shanghai, Des and I had had a vision of running a fashion & lifestyle blog where we could express our creativity and eventually make money from it later.
At that time we had absolutely no clue about how the blogging business worked, so for start we decided to analyse many successful blogs and order a book on Amazon with an eye catching title called “FASHION 2.0: Blogging Your Way To The Front Row” by Yuli Ziv.

Des and I did not live in the same city, so we were talking almost every day on Skype, with a time shift of seven hours, and went through many points we thought we had to consider in order to run our blog. Just at this point I have realized how much effort and dedication it all took in order to create something of our own, as from outside it had all looked so simple.
Already within the following weeks the working process had to be paused for a while, as I had to focus on my projects and exams at university, which also required tremendous efforts. Besides that, I wanted to experience China as much as I could and immerse myself into the culture, as I knew that I was soon going to go to Florence and continue my studies there.
After my graduation in July 2013 I dedicated my entire summer to realizing the dream of our blog.
Finally, in September 2013 after almost one year of detailed preparation, we went online with our blog des & jen. 🙂

Today, three years later, we are much more experienced and have learned some very important lessons. We grew closer together as a team and witnessed many indescribable moments. We left our jobs and invested energy, time and money into our blog.
We have had the opportunities to attend the fashion weeks, travel to other cool places and collaborate with great brands, and have used every one of them. We met plenty of inspiring people from the industry and with some we developed real friendships. It is great to be surrounded by supportive and loving people that share the same passion and encourage you in what you are doing.

This is very important because the fashion industry can be pretty tough, as it’s very fast moving and you quickly have to adapt to it. Genereally speaking, things haven’t always turned out the way we’d expected or planned…and in fact those moments were significant, because they challenged us, put us in, possibly uncomfortable, situations which helped us grow and evolve. The truth is, we never stop learning. It is a part of the human experience.

We reflect on our experiences together on a regular basis, as it can only improve our performance. Together all of those experiences made us definitely stronger.

With Christmas being just around the corner it reminds me of how important it is to slow down and spend some quality time with my beloved ones. All presents are already wrapped up.
Sometimes it was a bit difficult to find the most appropriate and, since we always try to go for it, with personalized touches.
Luckily, Des and I had recently had so much fun collaborating with eos and discovering their hand lotions in three different scents: berry blossom (pink), cucumber (green), fresh flowers (blue). We think it’s a really cute and fun gift for Christmas, because of the colors and its pocket size. You can easily put it in your bag. The great thing about these lotions is that they are non-greasy and natural, made of shea butter, aloe and oats and keep your hands soft and smooth. So if you haven’t found a Christmas present yet, why not go for an eos lotion? 🙂

Photos: Max Brucker / Constant Evolution

Hotel: Grand Ferdinand

Decoration: Der Rosenkavalier

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos Handlotion

Eos handlotion


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