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Vangardist – Nostalgia Issue

by Jen

Finally I can reveal the photos from our shooting for the 60th issue of the Vangardist magazine! It is also known as the Nostalgia issue at the Villa Antoinette (at Semmering in Lower Austria), where we ended up shooting our very first cover

This lovely short Nostalgia trip to the Austrian mountains was truly inspiring. The sheer beauty of this secluded spot, the colors, the mesmerizing view and pure and fresh air gave me a genuine peace of mind. Sometimes you just need to escape to an unique place, similar to this, and be one with nature, come back to the roots.
The Villa Antoinette used to be a mountain lodge, dating back from 1912 and has been completely renovated over the last couple of years. The owners, Andreas Wessely and Michael Niederer,  carefully thought out the renovating process down to its finest details. Brilliant pieces that caught my attention were a vintage coke machine, exquisite art nouveau tiles and a grand piano. If you want to relax, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a Spa area next to the house.

During this couple of days all the other bloggers (Philippe, Riccardo – a Lana del Rey fanatic, Manuel, Ilja, Rafael) the Vangardist team, the photographers and  both of us were like one big family. In the morning we would all gather around the table, have a rich, nurturing and delicious breakfast all prepared by the one and only Edi (chef of the house) accompanied by a lot of laughter. After that we would go for a relaxing stroll through the woodlands and discover all the beauties this place has to offer.
If you happen to be in this region I warmly suggest visiting the “20 Schillingview “. It is special because of its panorama which was used as an image for the rearside of the former Austrian 20 Schilling banknote.

This Vangardist issue was all about Nostalgia, hence, for the shooting day we completely set ourselves into a nostalgic mood by dressing up in the most colorful outfits possible. While preparing we were listening to old-school R&B songs, which gave us a really great vibe. For the cover, which was shot in one of the bathrooms we wore vintage dresses from the 1970ies. Surely, hairstyle had to be adapted as well so we experimented with braided hair. Credo of the decade was the simplicity of life style, so in the end I ended up shooting in the bathtube haha.

Photos: Konstantin Reyer

Styling: Mirza Sprecakovic

Make-up: Shlomit Migay


Dresses – Vintage/ M Missoni/Versace

Feather jacket – Eva Poleschinski

Shoes – Versace/Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses – Jimmy Choo

Jewelry – Louis Vuitton/ Dsqaured2

Earrings – Cadenzza

Bags – Louis Vuitton


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