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The Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by Eisenberg Paris

'Ultra Hydrating Biphasic Care' from eisenberg paris.

Hey D&J crew, I hope you are fine. Today we have got a new product we would like to show you. At the moment, we are totally obsessed with the Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by the monegasque brand Eisenberg Paris. Yes, the name of the product brings me also back to Chemistry lessons (which I skipped whenever possible) but it actually really works wonders. 

Skincare and especially skinhydration is incredibly important in order to keep it healthy and well structured and of course nourished. That is something actually easier said then done. We found the brand Eisenberg Paris and were immediately obsessed by their visuals and their incredible perfumes. After a bit of research, we also found this product and decided to test it.
Especially during the last weeks with Haute Couture Week, we could tell that our skin was reacting to the stress, so we always made sure to give it a maximum of hydration and protection throughout the day. It was an amazing feeling because the skin stayed hydrated and looked fresh for the whole day and gave us a good feeling about the product.

'Ultra Hydrating Biphasic Care' from eisenberg paris.

The best way to use the product is to massage it with your fingertips onto the skin in the morning as a usual part of your skincare routine. You will immediately feel your skin feeling more hydrated. Thanks to the different oils and Vitamin A&E, your skin will be nourished throughout the whole day and protect it from the outside aggressions. After using it for a few days, you will start loving it.

We are looking forward to exploring more of Eisenberg Paris’ product range and keeping you updated. Let us know below what you think of the product if you have tried it and also tell us, how you take care of your skin and protect it.

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