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Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015

by Jen

Two weeks ago Des and I attended the glamorous “The Women of  the Year Awards 2015“, which had been hosted in the spectacular Viennese City Hall organized by Uschi Fellner and the look! Magazine.

I was highly impressed with the lineup of beautiful and strong women that are contributing so much to the world! Such an Award is giving them opportunity to voice their powerful stories on stage. Hence I decided to write about three outstanding women that inspired me that night.

Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015LOOK! Woman of the Year-Awards 2015, Rathaus, Wien, 17.11.2015, Festsaal, TischdekoLook! Women of the Year Awards 2015

Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of actor and Ex-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, received the “Young Talent Award“ for her book “Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back“. In her book she describes her personal experience, going through a roller coaster of emotions during her teenager time, feeling insecure because of a negative body Image and so on. Today she embraces her body and wants to help young women with the same issues.

I think that nowadays a lot of young girls and women go through the same turmoils in their life feeling pressured most of the time, because they see these gorgeous women in the media that seem to be so flawless or being bullied by someone in school. True beauty is what you feel about yourself. If you feel good, that feeling extends into your every day life and you will perform the best without worrying about anything else. Fact is, there will always be people who will judge you not matter what you do. How do you deal with it? Don’t pay any attention to it!

 Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015

Auma Obama, the half-sister of President Obama received the “World Human Rights Award“. She has been socially engaged for many years by helping disadvantaged children and younger people in Africa. That evening, not just me, but the entire audience was moved by her speech, as she also talked about several attacks that had happened throughout this year and the current refugee crisis in Europe. One of her last words were “Every human life counts!“ She received a standing ovation for this remarkable and touching speech!

Almost everything going on in the world today is disturbing, senseless violence and wars (how barbaric) just fought of different kinds of interests.  Still it’s important not to get distracted by negative news and focus on the good ones. I really believe that we can change something if we treat one another with respect and tolerance.

Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015Look! Women of the Year Awards 2015

Farah Diba Pahlavi, the last empress of Iran and widow of Mohammad Reza Shah, received the “World Hope Award“ for her neverending lack of hope. On the side of her husband she underwent various social and economic reforms to the advantage of Iranian women and disabled children during the 1960’s and 70’s until 1979 when the Iranian Revolution came. The family had had to leave the country and go into exile. Since then she has continued her social engagement and has been living in Paris and the U.S., never returning to her beloved country again.Her story deeply touched me. After watching several of her interviews I realized why people admire her. It’s her wisdom and warm-heartedness.

Photos: Andreas Tischler, Stefan Joham

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