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Influencer Day with L’Oréal Professionnel

Hi my loves!

It’s been a very interesting period for us lately! One of the amazing experiences was certainly the Influencer Day with L’Oréal Professionnel in Paris this January which was held for the second time in a row. Together with many other international influencers we were invited to discover firsthand the brands’ new Série Experta hair care line which you can get exclusively in hair salons. Its Power Mix treatment is completely  personalized and goes for all hair types. Based on your hair diagnosis, the hair dresser will prepare a freshly maid masque in the salon. There’s literally a solution for any kind of hair problem. I was quite curious to know more about the products since I am dying my hair for quite a long time and always need to make sure to use the right hair care products and treatments. Among exciting launches and innovations, we were also introduced by the new glamorous spokespersons, Hailey Baldwin, (Pro Fiber) and Taylor Hill (Série Expert, Majirel Color Correction).

Besides, we have had the pleasure to meet Matthew Collins, a well-known hair stylist, and Vanessa Bruno, a famous French fashion designer, both brand ambassadors for L’Oréal Profesionnel. Vanessa created 24 It looks for INOA inspired by the nature. According to her, the trend is going towards a more natural coloration which highlights the natural beauty of every woman. I totally agree with her! On top of that, we had the chance to interview her, which you can read below.

Interview with Fashion Designer Vanessa Bruno at the Influencer Day with L’Oréal Professionnel

What are your beauty routines and which products are you using?

Vanessa: “I think that it’s is very important to have a clean skin. I use a product from Weleda, a very natural product as well as a cream from Hervé Herau, a very known French beauty brand with very good skin care products. For the hair, all the products I use are from L’Oréal Professionnel, from shampoo, masque as well as the hair color.”

Where do you generally take your inspiration from?

Vanessa: “Actually, the real inspiration to me are women. I love free spirit girls from the 70ies, LA. I am also inspired by women like Jane Birkin, or even women, kind of rider. But I also love contemporary art, which I always look a lot for my colors and textures. From the very beginning my main spirit would be the beauty of nature. My collection is about a typical French Parisian woman, but I also have this kind of free spirit inside me, so I represent as well a Bohemian chic feeling.”

How do you see is fashion connected to beauty?

Vanessa: “I think that it’s very connected today, only when seeing what is going on with It girls and Instagram. Today, it’s all about women/girls not only fashion. As a stylist, I also try to create more a lifestyle surrounding what I do. All girls relate to beauty, how they care about themselves, how they are dressed. It’s definitely related.

How did you start the collaboration with L’Oréal Professionnel?

Vanessa: “I was contacted by them and they believed that I could perfectly represent my style which is about the Parisian, effortless, chic kind of girls. The question they asked me was how can we create an artistic direction into the shades of the colors?  It was very easy for me.  I do it myself when I work with models for shootings and fashion shows. I interact into that all the time. For this project I collaborated with Frederic Mennetrier, a Parisian hair dresser. I created a mood and he transformed it into the hair.”

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?

Vanessa: “She should actually have pieces in in which she feels good and beautiful, meaning she should have the right shirt, the right jacket, the right dress and the right pair of pants, in order to mix and match the outfits. It’s relevant to wear something which is well for our proportions, how we move in our clothes, how we want to feel in our body and how we project it onto others.”

What do you think about influencers/bloggers?

Vanessa: “It’s more about real girls today. Before it was about fashion and more about models. It seemed like a paper surface. But models were not saying anything. It was detached. Now it’s more about the personality. That’s why influencers have become so popular. People want to know how you dress, how you do your hair, how you look, how you like to wear clothes, the way you are, how you like to live your life. Before we thought fashion was about designers, photos and fashion shows. It has became more interacting today. Models were far away and not approachable. Today, there is no boundary.”

What advices did your parents give you when you start into fashion?

Vanessa: “They didn’t give me any advice. The only advice was to work hard. But important is to be able to do what you like and you have to be aware of that. I have a similar spirit of the style of clothes I like. My mother was very stylish. The way she was putting things together fascinated me. She combined a vintage blouse together with a pair of cool jeans from the States and a Saint Laurent jacket with cool sneakers. It’s a very different thing taking the fashion and living it as an every day girl and looking at it from a fashion point.”

What was the inspiration to create the Cabas Bag?

Vanessa: “It was 18 years ago. I was a young mother and caring stuff for my baby, from work etc. I created this idea of a bag that was easy to wear, with canvas and colors to play. The sequence was more feminine and playful. It became an It bag, it was not planned. And it’s still an It bag. A good bag is a It bag. The cool bag is the bag that lasts.”

I am just so thrilled to keep living all these amazing experiences together and hope to surprise you all the time with new adventures. Wishing you guys a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,



Photos by Jean Picon





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