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Getting ready for X-Mas

Good evening my loves!

I hope you are all doing great! I am very well and super, super excited…Why?  Because it’s almost Christmas Eve! I really love this time of the year as it means spending some of the most special and magical moments with my family. Usually, we celebrate Christmas at our grandparent’s big house in Croatian country side. It’s all about baking cookies with our auntie and little cousins, decorating the huge Christmas tree while listening to old kitschy Christmas songs, placing decorations almost everywhere. Not to mention all the beautiful scents that spread around the house, like the evergreens brought from the forest, the candles and oakmoss for the Christmas crib.

Christmas always feels a bit surreal to me, like being in a fairytale. It’s the time of the year to certainly have a good time, where we eat tons of cookies and drink hot chocolate while watching our family’s favorite movies like “Home Alone” and sitting next to the fireplace. Speaking of things I love, wrapping gifts for our beloved ones is always fun and something I enjoy, even though I am always a last-minute gift finder. What I really adore is, that we always surprise each other with very personal and creative presents.

Speaking of special gifts, this year Santa came a bit earlier as Jen and I had received the most exciting package from Moltom Brown a couple of days ago, with the dreamiest packaging ever. With the help of this limited Christmas collection “Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine”, I immediately fell in love with the four products which include a fine Liquid Hand Wash, Hand Lotion, Single Wick Candle and a Festive Bauble. This collection is composed of a fresh, winter wilderness scent and tells a wonderful story. It feels like stepping outside of a cottage that is surrounded by a snowy-white landscape, in middle of the forest and being inundated with all those wonderful smells of leaves,  evergreens, oakmoss and the freshness of bark.

The Liquid Hand Wash and Hand Lotion are both heavily scented with the fragrance, so that it lingers for a while after you have washed your hands and moisturized them, capturing the essence of classic, snowy Christmas.

Regarding candles, there is no limit to my love! The festive candle, which is exquisitely decorated with a juniper and pine illustration adds the perfect notes of juniper berry, pine tree and oakmoss, filling the space with the bracing aromas of Laponia’s untouched winter landscape.

A wintry hand wash baubleble blended with Lapp pine bark, juniper berries and oakmoss which also can be used as a classic Christmas decoration.

As a seasonal finishing touch, the complete collection is adorned with, jingling blue bells reflecting both the juniper barries and festive mood.

To me, this limited edition is a wonderful gift for your beloved ones and totally reminds me as well on Christmas spent with my family.


Merry Christmas and lots of love from Croatia,




Photos: Max Brucker / Constant Evolution


Molton Brown


Molton Brown


Molton Brown


Molton Brown



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