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Frederique Constant – The Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture


It has been said that a watch can tell a lot about a person’s character. It is a symbol of status and style but also has a deeper meaning. A timepiece is a constant companion with which many people have a special bond. Every watch tells a story and collects memories. If you find the right watch, you’ll keep it forever and it will become a precious treasure.

We­ live in a fast-paced world where time has become the ultimate luxury. The hours you spend in a day can make a significant difference tomorrow. As digital influencers, we are constantly on the go and try to manage time as wisely as possible in order to meet our responsibilities without putting pressure on ourselves. Nowadays, many people use smartphones or tablets to look at the clock, hence owning a timeless timepiece is very fascinating and unique to me. For me, a timeless watch holds this certain charm of having this personal piece of luxury on my wrist. I have tremendous respect for the fine craftmanship and the know-how of traditional watchmaking. Imagine just how much time it takes to create a watch from beginning to end!


Frédérique Constant – The Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture

Today we are delighted to share with you our recent collaboration we’ve had with Frédérique Constant, a luxury wrist-watch manufacturer based in Geneve, introducing you its new timepieces: “Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture“.

The watches by Frédérique Constant represent to me the perfect definition of a luxurious timepiece. Swiss watchmakers are known all around the world for their impeccable craftsmanship as well as their eye for timeless design.


“An elegant fusion of femininity and artisanship” – Aletta Stas

Aletta Stas, co-founder of Frédérique Constant and wife of Peter Stas (CEO of Frédérique Constant) designed the Lady’s timepiece with a Moon phase complication, a very special detail that reconnects us with our ancestors who used the Moon phases to count the time. It takes 29 and a half days to pass the entire Moon phases – from New moon to Full moon and back).

The romantic pieces come in 2 combinations. Des wears the rose gold-plated steel version in midnight-blue and I the plain steel version in shiny dark. Every watch is set with 60 breathtaking brilliant white diamonds that frame the dial. In an interview, Aletta Stas described the watch as “an elegant fusion of femininity and artisanship”.

We feel that the Slimline Moonphase Stars Manufacture defines true elegance and grace and makes you feel as if the stars are sparkling on your wrist.



Photos: Max Brucker

Dresses: H&M

Hair: Ultimativ Group

Make-up: MAC Cosmetics

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