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Ekseption Part III

By Des

This photo shot was taken by my favourite photographer Matias Uris.

I personally believe he is the most creative and most imaginative photographer I have ever worked with. The flow of his visions is remarkably vivid and astonishing. Collaborating with him on all these great ideas we had made work a lot more fun than it otherwise is. One idea followed another and there seemed to be no end to them. That is the part about fashion that I also like, limitless creativity!

As Ralph Laurent once said: “Fashion is about something that comes from within inside you.”

This time we had the idea of using mirrors in order to achieve the special effects which can be seen on the photos.

It was, again, a great pleasure working with Ekseption. 🙂

 Bag: Chloe

Flat Sandals: Chloe

Dress: Balenciaga

Bag: Balenciaga

Sandals: Christian Louboutin

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