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Retro Love – Cruise Collections 2018

Cruise 2018

by Jon, Contributing Editor

Fashion always reflects society. Their way of thinking, their new approach and their current longing for something. In times like these, when the future is uncertain and society looks back, fashion often reinterprets former styles and eras. This seasons Resort shows do not differ in this, whether it is Chanel’s take on ancient Greece, Valentino’s reflection of New York in the 1970s or Dior reinterpreting American Fashion of the Wild West. This year’s Resort/Cruise Collections were significantly reflecting on different styles of the last 70 years and even further.

Chanel Cruise 2018

Karl Lagefeld does not only produce fashion, he creates a story. Chanel’s Cruise Collection 2018, named La Modernité de L’Antiqué goes back to ancient Greece with long and feminine dresses that elegantly shape around the body. With the image of the Chanel woman in mind, modern, strong and feminine, Lagerfeld created a collection that unitesdelicate and strong elements.

Prada Resort 2018

Prada’s first Resort Collection was an immediate success. The Italian Fashion House understands the needs of young customers as much as its own heritage, revealing a collection that combines the sportive spirit of these years with the femininity and delicacy of Prada’s former collection.

© Prada

Valentino Resort 2018

New York in the late 70s. The change from Disco to Hip-Hop. And Valentino’s take on the Big Apple in that era. Paoli knows how to dress women beautifully. And he proved it again with the Valentino Resort 2018 collection. With a use of deep shades of red, green, other emerald colors and female silhouettes, he created a look for the modern but timeless woman.

© Valentino

Gucci Resort 2018

The Gucci Resort 2018 collection showed the best from the last 50 years of fashion history. Throughout the whole collection, the love for details, colors and prints was visible. As usual, the show was styled very genderfree and with a focus on mixing up the styles to the maximum. Observed individually, the pieces are modern but will still be wearable for the next decade, as Gucci focused on timeless cuts and a rich mixture of materials.

Gucci Resort 2018

© Gucci

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

Japan has always been a fascinating country for the Western world. Its well captured history, as well as its strong drive for invention inspired a lot of people already. In the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 collection, Nicolas Guesquiere combined Japanese elements with modern silhouettes. The pieces that were designed in collaboration with Kansai Yamamoto gained high acclaim from the international press.

The highly minimalistic approach shows a modern direction of Louis Vuitton, as much as its striving for high fashion with a contemporary vibe.

Louis Vuitton

© Louis Vuitton

Dior Cruise 2018

Dior showed their Cruise Collection just outside of Los Angeles, in the desert of California. Perfectly framing the fashion take on long female silhouettes of the immigrants in the Wild West, the scenery gave the Cruise Collection the ease it needs in order to sell. Perfectly merging classic womenswear with modern elements and giving it the elegance of femininity, Dior also proved its will to integrate heritage with modern designs.

Dior Cruise 2018

© Dior

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