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Breakfast at Lilette’s

 by Des

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. And yes, I find that a good and balanced meal in the morning is what provides the energy we need, so it’s very important to me to start my day.

With all the stress, we sometimes tend to forget that we need food firstly and foremostly in order to gain energy and build,  as well as repair, cells and not only to appease our hunger. We get so busy with other things that our focus on our food routine becomes a minor point. This was the case during my school time but the older I got  the more I realized the significance of it. Honestly speaking I have never been more aware of what goes into my body!

This awareness is what lead me to Lilette’s, a small, neat juice bar I discovered last year in the city center of Vienna. And I started really liking it!

At least once a week I pass by and treat myself with a healthy juice! And they have so many!

I often ask for “Lilette”, naturally my favorite one: cucumber, pear, mint and pineapple… Yum! Love the names they give to each of their juices! Of course I was curious about the meaning of the bar´s name and discovered that the owners’ grandmother had had a great influence and love towards good food, which spread onto the rest of the family… this is why it was named after her. How sweet is that?

To boost my energy and mood, I often drink juice with Spirulina or Maca powder, some of the many add-ons they offer. The great thing is that you can create your juice in so many different ways, if you don´t tolerate some fruits or other ingredients; and even better, you can take it away (Three different sizes)!

Recently Jen and I had had breakfast there and decided to share with you some photos from our experience. We had cereal made of spelt with fresh fruits and Soya yoghurt (I try to avoid wheat and milk products as much as possible), a tasty muffin and croissant which they get from Grimm Bakery. To top it off, of course we could’t miss the juices, “Ziggy” and “Annie”. Lillette´s also offers delicious cakes from Julie Pop Bakery and many other food and drinks which you definitely need to try!

Hope you guys like our story! I am curious to hear your morning food routines!

Special thanks to Lillette’s! Make sure to follow them on Facebook & Instagram!

Photos: Natalia Madejska

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