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Blogging is a real job

by Des

A new chapter has begun. It was time for us to fully dedicate ourselves to what we love the most-our journey with Des & Jen which starts right here, this month. As some of you might know, we have been working constantly until recently. For those of you who want to endeavour on a serious path of blogging, I would recommend fully dedicating to it if you want to grow and be successful in the long-term.

There came a moment where Jen and I seriously had to ponder about whether we want to continue doing the blog half heartedly or devote ourselves 100% to it. I have been thinking back to what a busy life I have had while having a full-time job and with blogging aside… What we both have achieved so far has definitely given us strength, motivation and we have learned incredibly much. And I still believe that blogging is quite misunderstood by many people. IT IS A JOB and not all fun and games as it might seem from the outside.  Even just a single post demands a tremendous time commitment. It doesn’t take just a couple of minutes to create a whole concept, organize all the things that are necessary for the final output, to take/edit pictures and write an thought-out article. It can take a couple of days. Being a full-time blogger requires more work than you could possibly imagine. And the truth is I’ve never worked harder in my life. But there is an everlasting desire (and I believe I speak for a great part of the bloggers),  to grow and have a widespread acknowledgment for the work done, especially after your quality gets affirmed by your surroundings.

I really, really love what I am doing and I could possibly not imagine doing something else right now.  The main thing to me is to be incredibly good in what you do and to stand out from others. But what counts the most is that you should know your worth and believe that something good will always happen, because believing in yourself is the key to success in the end. Looking at all of our output and all the insane pictures we have shot, makes it worth continuing this path.

As a brand ambassador for the #tezenisyoung collection, I am extremely happy to share with you the second part of the pictures we shot recently. I just love the diversity in this collection, which is all laid-back and super trendy at the same time. My favorite piece is definitely the jeans waistcoat, which reminds me totally of my childhood. Yes, the 90ies are back! I decided to combine it with a white basic t-shirt and a red mini skirt. To add a little extra to the look, I’ve put a headband bandana. Can’t wait to share with you the #tezenisyoung swimwear collection soon here. Stay tuned! Wishing you all an amazing weekend! I am going to write tons of emails and organize things for upcoming photo shoots. What are you going to do?

Special thanks to Burggasse24!

Photos: Natalia Madejska

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    The Sunday Mode
    May 17, 2016 at 7:57 AM

    Your title got my attention straight away, try explaining blogging to your nonna! I’m not complaining either, but it can be frustrating to work so hard and put so many hours into something and not have it acknowledged by others, but I guess there are lots of professions out there in similar situations. We never really know what other people do unless we are in their shoes and like you I’m really glad to have the opportunity to put everything I can into my blogging.


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    Melisa Sokullu
    May 16, 2016 at 7:36 AM

    Ladies, you look amazIng. Tezenis has made a very, very well choice to collaborate with you!

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