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The Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by Eisenberg Paris

'Ultra Hydrating Biphasic Care' from eisenberg paris.

Hey D&J crew, I hope you are fine. Today we have got a new product we would like to show you. At the moment, we are totally obsessed with the Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by the monegasque brand Eisenberg Paris. Yes, the name of the product brings me also back to Chemistry lessons (which I skipped whenever possible) but it actually really works wonders. …

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Behind the name – Georgine Studio

Des Jen Georgines Studio

When asked, which job she had if she were not a designer, Georgine Ratelband proofed to surprise as much as her designs. “A Pilot”, she told Fashiontimes in 2014. Luckily, for the world of luxury fashion, she chose instead to start her own label, Georgine Studio. From her first show in 2014 on, she gained the interest and support of the american fashion industry and is already reaching out internationally.…

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