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2016 I’m ready for you

by Des

A new chapter has begun and I hope you guys have all had a wonderful start of this year! Celebrating New Year’s Eve was indeed magical and unforgettable. I have spent it with my closest ones in Toni’s Kulinarium 7, a Croatian-Dalmatian restaurant in the seventh district (you guys need to check it out!). Everything just felt so right, the energy, the music and all the nice moments of togetherness. In the end is this what counts the most in life, being truly happy in everything you pursue and enjoying the moments with the right people. 

The past year now holds so many beautiful memories, and when I look back to them my smile turns into a wide grin. It’s beautiful to track the process Jen an I have gone through. We had learnt, and are learning so much! Basically, we have started from scratch and have been enjoying sharing all our moments with you! And this is only the beginning! To me, this new year means setting new goals and embracing new challenges! And to be honest with you, I can hardly wait to face them all! When you are truly passionate about something as I am with Des & Jen, you just want to continue doing it, without even thinking too much, because it just feels right. There is no reason needed why you do something if you love it. Many people who choose careers that don’t make them happy will tell you that they would do it all differently if they had the chance. But at the end, you just have one life, so don’t waste it doing something that does not fulfil you as a person; just because of the money, or just because society requires it!

I could stay awake for hours during nights and enjoy working on new projects with so many creative ideas constantly coming up. What I truly want is to continue this journey, to learn from it and improve with every single day. If you stick to your path, focused on where you’re going to, you’ll achieve your goals in no time. However, enjoying each step of getting there is what’s truly special. To me, nothing would be worth this ride if it had been without all the moments I shared with my sister!

For this post, I chose a rather minimalistic look. My favorite piece is the pencil skirt in oxblood color. I personally love the deep burgundy wine color as it has hints of chocolate and plum, and definitely defines passion and power.

I am curious to hear your thoughts about this look!

Lots of love,



Photos: Natalia Madejska

2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready 2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready2016 I´m ready

Shirt – H & M

Skirt – H & M

Shoes – Uterqüe

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