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by Jen

Hello guys,

I hope you have all had a great start into the week. We have just come back from a short trip to Milan, which was filled with very exciting meetings and a photo shooting for PINKO (to be revealed soon). Summer is finally around the corner and the city simply comes alive during the warmer months of the year; people pour out on the streets, sit outside cafes and enjoy every minute of glorious sunbeams. It’s really fascinating that every time we are in Milan we discover something new about the city.

As Des has already mentioned in our previous post; we can finally devote ourselves fully to blogging. Honestly speaking, I experience it as very liberating, doing something I am passionate about and being able to follow my own schedule. Otherwise I would feel confined and could not live my creativity to its fulliest potential. Many people are scared of living their dreams because they are focused only on the negative outcome. They are listening to their inner voices that prevent them from moving forward. What if they would just focus on the positive side and succeed? Yes, living your dream will possibly be a long ride on an emotional rollercoaster, with many unexpected challenges for you to face. But that’s exactly the fun part of it. If you want your dreams to come true, you need first of all to believe in them (before you even see them) and then take action. Without YOUR action nothing will ever happen. I’d rather live a life like that than spend my entire life in a bubble. I decided for me, to leave my comfort zone, to venture into unknown and explore different waters. Now I can only think of benefits of it, of the amazing experiences that has brought my way. One of it was deffinitely the photo shooting whose results you can see below.

These photos were shot during our stay at the pool of the Villa Antoinette in April (besides our project for Vangardist). If you happen to be in Austria, it’s definitely worth visiting! More info will be soon on the blog!  🙂

Photos: Stefanie Thiele

Semmering70ies Vibe

70ies Vintage dress

Bag – Moschino

Ring – Cadenzza

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