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Techno Grunge – Diesel Black Gold SS18

Diesel Black Gold SS18 Des Jen
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There is good news for everyone, who is in love with 90ies Fashion. The rumors about a comeback are true, and the proof is the Diesel Black Gold SS18 collection.

The show was Diesel Black Gold’s first co-ed presentation, which means that they are jumping on board with the trend to show the women’s- and menswear collections at the same time. The usual vibe ob the collection is very street style and Creative Director Andres Melbostad showed that he understands his customer. High-end street fashion was the outcome of the Diesel Black Gold SS18 collection, showing long silhouettes, a mix of dark and soft colors and a love for details. As the perception of elegance is different for young customers, classic silhouettes were freshened up with urban aesthetics and athletic references. 

Diesel Black Gold SS18 – Womenswear

Especially the womenswear collection was filled with 90ies references. From floral prints on front-button dresses over plaid patterned maxi dresses and suede skirts, Diesel Black Gold showed a playful and modern version of femininity. With a dark and monochrome color palette of blue, black and red that was softened with rose quartz, light blue and white the pieces are very versatile when it comes to combining them. The female silhouette was not overly exposed, rather seductively hid and only carefully shown in parts, which gives the pieces a rich look while still embodying the street style vibe.

Diesel Black Gold SS18 – Menswear

The menswear collection features a re-proportioned and abstracted take on classic menswear tailoring. Combining classic menswear with athleisure wear, extra long shirts were combined with matching shorts over leggings.

The mix of materials such as leather and cotton as well as shirting fabric enriches the collection and gives it it’s interesting vibe. Taking references from classic menswear, street style, genderfree fashion and sportswear, the collection will feature a certain piece for everyone. Similar to the womenswear collection, the color scheme was mainly dark with black, gray and dark blue contrasted with white, light blue and a spring green.

Playing with shapes and silhouettes, Diesel Black Gold emphasized on long shirts, constructed big shoulders and cropped jackets.

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