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The Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by Eisenberg Paris

'Ultra Hydrating Biphasic Care' from eisenberg paris.

Hey D&J crew, I hope you are fine. Today we have got a new product we would like to show you. At the moment, we are totally obsessed with the Ultra Hydrating Bi-phasic Care by the monegasque brand Eisenberg Paris. Yes, the name of the product brings me also back to Chemistry lessons (which I skipped whenever possible) but it actually really works wonders. …

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Advertorial BEAUTY

Getting ready for X-Mas

Good evening my loves! I hope you are all doing great! I am very well and super, super excited…Why?  Because it’s almost Christmas Eve! I really love this time of the year as it means spending some of the most special and magical moments with my family. Usually, we celebrate Christmas at our grandparent’s big house in Croatian country side. It’s all about baking cookies with our auntie and little cousins, decorating the huge Christmas tree while listening to old kitschy Christmas songs, placing decorations…

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