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by Jen

As you might have seen on our social media we are back in Vienna! The last couple of weeks I can only describe with one single word: craziness!

Unfortunately I was not able to write even one single post as our schedule was very tight. It all started with the MQ Vienna Fashion Week and continued onto the Milan and afterwards Paris Fashion Week, that ended last week.

It’s quite overwhelming to experience so many things within a short period of time, definitely helped us gain some new impressions and meet many inspiring and accomplished people from the fashion industry. The whole two weeks of being abroad were an emotional rollercoaster. And not to mention the best of the entire story…we have won our very first blog award – OTTO Blog Award 2.0. last Saturday!

When I reread the text above, it all looks so simple, however it actually involves a lot of effort and hard work that is hardly visible on the outside.  Most of the time goes into organizing and planning of the trips, meetings, photoshootings, etc. A lot of small steps lead to your goals. Sometimes you make mistakes and learn from them. Other times unexpected things happen. But aren’t those unexpected moments in the end the best ones?  Life would be too borring if we knew what was going to happen all the time.

I am happy to share with you the following outfit we had created shortly before we flew to Milan. It’s a part of the limited H&M Studio AW 2015 Collection inspired by sportswear and futurism with a touch of glamour and 70’s vibe. The Scandinavian brand has had its own design team especially for this collection. It’s very creative, innovatve  and presenting a whole new layer of this brand. If you had had the chance to have a look at the campaign photos, starring IT-Model Edie Campbell, you could recognize the space shuttle-like surrounding.
Most of the retro-futuristic pieces are in orange, burgundy, black and olive green. That’s why we emphasized my eyes in all these earth tones.  One of the distingushed pieces of this collection is definitely the sweater with its beaded embroidery (in combination with a pair of cool moon boots), which is comfy to wear and keeps you warm during the cold days!

Photos: Natalia Madejska

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