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Foreo – Luna mini

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by Des


We have recently come across a new deep cleansing product and are just amazed about this new promising facial tool.

As many young women, we also have been struggling with impurities on our skin.

How your skin looks can defenitely affect your self-esteem since it is the first thing others notice about you.
If you want to invest in your skin, and we believe every woman should especially if she is dealing with skin problems, we recommend getting some of Foreo products. In this post however, we are going to talk about Foreo LUNA mini.


At a first glance it might appear that Foreo has nothing to do with skincare as it doesn’t look like a conventional face cleansing brush. But this fashionable device is fact very promising!
Firstly, both women and men can use it.
Secondly, LUNA mini requires only 1 minute in the morning and in the evening in order to leave the skin freed from makeup residues, oil, and other pollution as it deeply cleans your skin.
Besides the gentle clensing, the vibrations help boost your skin,  giving it a fresh-looking glow.
All you need to do is apply your favoured product, wet the cleansing tool, switch it on and start cleaning your skin.


LUNA mini can be easily taken on any trip since it is fully rechargable for up to 300 treatments per USB charger. This means that it is not necessary to take your charger with you if you are on the move. No subsitutes of brushes are needed either, which makes it practical and saves money. The best benefit is that it doesn’t build up bacteria which makes cleaning far more hygienic than usual sonic brushes. It is aplicable for every skin type since the gentle touch-points are specially configured in 3 zones. The compact face cleansing tool is waterproof as well (to a depth of 1 m), and can be therefore used under the shower. You can have it in 5 different colours.

After only one week of regularly (twice a day) using LUNA mini, our skin surface became smoother, and more beautiful with a healthy-looking glow.  For the first time, our skin is freed of dirt, oil and make-up residue.

However, Foreo LUNA mini does not remove acne, stains nor scars.
Nevertheless, LUNA mini has turned out to be an absolute skin revolution for us.


You can get it for € 119,- at http://www.foreo.com/product/luna-mini/
It is also available at Marionnaud, Douglas and Sephora.

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  • Spome

    This is a very useful post. 🙂 I have been to Shanghai and got it there as well. Love your blog !!

  • Mina

    Tried this one! Great gadget! Would recommend to everyone

  • Maida

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time and admire both of you! Always great posts! Well done girls!!!! 🙂