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ย by Des

I could finally spare some time to get back to the stunning peninsula of Peljesac.

For this post I decided to talk about several little places in the area as Jen and me still haven’t shared some of them with you.

The very first place I stopped by was Loviste, situated on the western end of the peninsula.

This area is known for its unique natural beauty and diversity. In a close vicinty to this place you can find numerous archeological sites and medieval villages.

Orebic, is the biggest town of Peljesac and has many different beaches. One of these is Orebeach Club.

The next station had also been determined: Mokalo. This tourist place offers, beside the cool beach bar, several sport activities.

My absolute favourite beach is placed in Podobuce: This inspirational bay once used to be a small fisherman’s village.
Nowadays, it is a serene resort for those who want to seclude themselves from the city crowd.

Another lovely village is Dingac, whose area is mostly known for its wine production.

My friend Mato, who is a winemaker himself, showed me his impressive wine cellar, which is one of the biggest in Croatia.


Our next stop was the tiny and marvellous bay of Kobas which is located on the eastern end of Peljesac.

Of course, we had to stop by Gastro Mare (www.gastromare.com), to enjoy the most delicious food in the area. ๐Ÿ™‚

The chief cooks are always getting some new ideas for the guests. This time we had bruschetta, made of their homemade bread with garden-fresh tomatoes and ruccola with Parmesan Cheese from the Island of Pag.

A dish that followed was a tasty pasta made in traditional way, by hand with homemade pesto.
As a dessert, the cooks came up with an exceptional idea: at the bottom: self-made almond chocolate and on top was Parmesan Cheese sprinkled with honey. This combination of ingredients was absolutely incredible!

Opposite of the peninsula of Peljesac is the island of Korcula, which I call “Small Dubrovnik” as it also contains an old town whose walls are still partially preserved. Strolling through many tiny alleys, one could easily get lost.
What I personally recommend is to stop by “Cukarin“, a little pastry shop that offers old fashioned cookies.

As a final destination, I headed to Dubrovnik. The most adventurous experience was the walk along the old stone walls.

This is defenitely a must have for all who are planning to visit this promising destination.
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  • Anna

    Wooooow!!! Amazing photos!! This blog is really well done!! You can really see how much work and love you two put into this! Great job!! Keep it up… I am looking forward to more pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Spome

    Beautiful photos! Croatia is such a wonderful country. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing these information!

  • Mato

    Good job girls! Nice outfit!

  • Mina

    This is so nice! I love the espadrilles