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Amore Milanese – In Love with Milan


by Jon, Contributing Editor

After moving to Milan a couple of weeks ago we found it was time to share our favourite spots in Italy’s fashion capital with you! Milan is one of Italy’s most important business centres, not only for the fashion industry but also when it comes to other industries. This makes it an incredibly vibrant and diverse city with an international crowd.
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Living like a Parisian – 1er Etage Sopi

by Jen

Last time when we were in Paris during the fashion week, we stayed at a very charming and cosy place called “1er Etage SoPi“.
1er Etage SoPi is a mix between a small boutique hotel and a deluxe guesthouse.  Inspired by the 50’s it offers a home away from home feeling, with a high level of comfort. While staying there it felt more like I was living in a Parisian apartment located in a beautifully decorated building. It made our stay very, very pleasant!
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by Jen

Hey guys,

it’s been a while since my last post . To be honest, I prefer writing on an article when I find my inspiration and have a big enough gap in my schedule. I get inspired by so many encounters along my journeys e.g. while travelling, interacting with people, reading other blogs, music, movies, and long walks in nature as it relaxes me and clears my mind.

Now, being back home, I found a quiet time to sit down, place my fingers on the keyboard and write about my insights from the fashion week. Continue Reading


Amalfi Coast

by Jen

Our trip to the Amalfi Coast at the beginning of July had been on our travel bucket list for quite some time.
From all the places we have visited along the coastline, Positano is probably the best-known destination in this area and one of my favorite ones. Continue Reading