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Living like a Parisian – 1er Etage Sopi

by Jen

Last time when we were in Paris during the fashion week, we stayed at a very charming and cosy place called “1er Etage SoPi“.
1er Etage SoPi is a mix between a small boutique hotel and a deluxe guesthouse.  Inspired by the 50’s it offers a home away from home feeling, with a high level of comfort. While staying there it felt more like I was living in a Parisian apartment located in a beautifully decorated building. It made our stay very, very pleasant!
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TrueYou x Toyota C-HR

by Jen

„You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one“ – I simply love these empowering words, which were written by John Lennon in his song “Imagine”. John Lennon had a dream; a dream of a world at peace, where there was no war, borders and hunger. He was an anti-war activist, stood up for what he believed in and inspired many people all around the world to join him.

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Twins meet twins in Paris

by Des

Finally after all the hours of waiting, I am very thrilled to talk about the most recent project we had in Paris during fashion week. This year, we had had the opportunity to stay, quite often and longer than usual, in this beautiful city. And I still feel like I just can´t get enough of this magical place!

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Les 3 Parisiennes

by Des

Most of you guys know that my love for Paris is beyond what can be described by words. I can never get enough of this magical city! Every trip there gives me new, pleasant memories. In one of my previous articles, l have already shared with you favorite Parisiene hotspots – which you definitely need to discover if you still haven´t done it. And there is still so much to explore there. Needless to say that with every visit to Paris, Jen and I get to know new great spots as well as new people. Something like we did on an occasion last fall during Paris Fashion Week, where we met three stunning young women with totally different backgrounds, all with a big passion for fashion, beauty, travel and art, living the real Parisian life. Meeting them was utterly inspiring as they all had something special in common.

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by Des

Bonjour my loves,

Not long ago, we’ve spent a couple of days in beautiful Paris attending some important meetings as well as working on an exciting project which we will talk about soon. In fact, the world fashion capital has become very important to us since a lot of exciting things have happened lately. 

Can´t wait to share what is coming next!

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The Bank Brasserie & Bar

by Des

One of our most favorite things to do in our free time when in Vienna, is definitely meeting our friends and enjoying our time in a relaxed and charming atmosphere.

Naturally, Jen and I always like to discover new hot spots, and while we were out and scouting we spotted the new Bank Brasserie & Bar at the Park Hyatt which used to be a bank building before. Even by simply entering the place, you get the amazing feeling of travelling somewhere back to the past. What really fascinates me is the whole concept of the Bank Bar, which draws a thematic bow around two components; the historical part being the optical association of the former cashier hall and its recent reviving through materials like wood, leather, metal and copper. Continue Reading