by Des

Hi my loves!

I hadn’t been writing here for quite a while. And I have to admit, that I’ve really missed it. There have been many changes happening during the last couple of months. Especially with us moving to Milan and the fashion weeks that have always been quite intense. Continue Reading


Living like a Parisian – 1er Etage Sopi

by Jen

Last time when we were in Paris during the fashion week, we stayed at a very charming and cosy place called “1er Etage SoPi“.
1er Etage SoPi is a mix between a small boutique hotel and a deluxe guesthouse.  Inspired by the 50’s it offers a home away from home feeling, with a high level of comfort. While staying there it felt more like I was living in a Parisian apartment located in a beautifully decorated building. It made our stay very, very pleasant!
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